Friday, August 2, 2013

Residents of New Homes in Atlanta Get Back to School Ready

As children start packing their backpacks with new school supplies and picking out the perfect outfit for the first day of school, many parents are stressing over the start of a new school year. To make sure this year starts off on the right foot, Atlanta home builder Brock Built is offering some of their favorite back to school tips.
  • Routine. Making sure your family has a routine, and knows this routine before the first day of school is essential. Make your students get up, get ready, eat and go to bed at the same times they will have to during the school year a few days or weeks in advance of the start of school to make sure they are already adjusted to their new routine.
  • Dedicate space and time. When it comes to homework, designate your household's homework area, and make sure it is stocked with all of the supplies they need, so that there are few distractions when they are hard at work. Also, let your child tell you when they'd like to do their homework i.e. before or after dinner, so that they feel like they have a say in their routine.
  • Plan ahead. Chances are at some point during the school year, you'll receive a call from the school saying your child is sick. Make sure you have a game plan in place for when this happens.
  • Meet and greet. If your school offers an orientation, be sure to attend. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your child's teacher(s) ahead of time, so that you'll already know what to expect when school starts.

Residents of all of Brock Built's Atlanta new home communities have access to fantastic area schools. The Atlanta builder realizes that buying a home is more than just the home itself, it's also about the surrounding community, which is why they always choose premium locations to build new homes for sale in Atlanta.

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