Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hunting Preserve Now Open Near Quail Run

A new and exciting feature is close at hand for residents of Quail Run, a community of new homes in West Point Ga., Twisted Pine Hunting Preserve is complete and almost ready to open. It's first day of business will be September 4th, the first day of dove season.

With over 2,100 acres of pristine hunting land in east central Alabama and western Georgia, Twisted Pine is sure to become a hunters’ mecca in the Southeast. The preserve is split into two properties, one which is 1,700 acres in Chambers County for deer and turkey hunts, and a 45-acre field in Harris County for dove hunts.

The preserve is managed by Kyle Farner, a livelong hunter with a degree in Fishery, Wildlife and Conservation Biology from Colorado State University. Kyle oversees the operations of the reserve, which include controlled burns, supplemental feed, mineral stations, food plots, predator control and selective harvests, to ensure ideal hunting conditions as well as mature bucks, turkeys and dove.

Riverside Estates and Quail Run are both conveniently located to Twisted Pine Hunting Preserve. Quail Run is a master-planned community with terrific amenities, and Riverside Estates is a beautiful golf-course community. For more information on either of these communities, visit the Greater Valley Group website.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

HBAs Compete for Social Media Seminar

Football season is about to start and soon teams will be pitted against each other to win regional titles. A similar competition is going on at Home Builders Associations around the country as they compete against each other for a free hands-on social media seminar from me (Carol Flammer).

The Social Media for Home Builders Contest launched earlier this month at the Executive Officers Council convention in beautiful New Mexico. So far, more than 25 HBAs have registered. The rules are pretty simple, sell the most copies of "Social Media For Home Builders: It's Easier Than You Think" and win the seminar.

Now, I'm certainly not playing favorites or trying to stack the deck, but I wonder. . . . Is Hawaii participating? Or what about Alaska?

There is still time to register to participate if you have not, but hurry HBAs must register by Aug. 20 to compete. Visit for more information.

Order your copy of "Social Media For Home Builders: It's Easier Than You Think" today!