Monday, February 25, 2008

Stage Coach Bandits Take the Internet. . .

Stop applying the shotgun approach to your marketing efforts.
Identify your target through sound Internet Marketing strategy.

Pictured: The MLC New Home Marketing Internet Strategy team and Carol Flammer with Flammer Relations hold up the Wells Fargo Stagecoach at the International Builder Show in Orlando, Fla. earlier this month.

The MLC team attended several Internet marketing seminars at the show. Many homebuilders were discussing launching new sites or revamping old ones. Much focus continues to be placed on generating traffic and leads via the Internet. Many builders seem to be abandoning traditional media in favor of Internet marketing and online advertising.

Builders will still need to do their research to uncover progressive Internet concepts as many of these concepts are not yet in use by mainstream ad agencies. Both the technology and know-how exist for builders and developers who seek fresh interactive ideas. Interactive ideas that will bring them the traffic they seek.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tracking - What Are Your Site Visitors Telling You?

  • What do visitors to your site really think?
  • Are they finding the information they need?
  • How long do they stay?
  • What do they do on your site?
  • Where do they leave your site?
Answers to these questions and many more can be found in your tracking reports. It is important to have more than just a pretty website. Are you potential homebuyers finding what they need on your homebuilding or development site?

Tracking provides you with more than just the number of visitors on your site. A good tracking program and educated analysis provides the information you need to improve your Internet marketing program, as well as give you information on page views, lead generation, best referral sources and more. Tracking is an excellent way to streamline your Internet marketing dollars.

Mitch Levinson of Mitch Levinson Consulting and MLC New Home Marketing recently gave a presentation to the Atlanta SMC on tracking. A copy of the power point is available at MLC New Home Marketing.