Monday, October 19, 2015

Keystone Custom Homes Creates Infographic to Encourage New vs. Used Homes

Keystone Custom Homes wants buyers to understand why they should buy new vs. used homes. To do so, an infographic was created entitled, “Why Should You Buy New?: New vs. Used Homes.”
Many buyers do not think they can afford to purchase a new home; however, that is not the case. New homes can be maintained for 96 percent less than a used home built prior to 1980. Also, a new home bought at $300,000 and a used home bought at $208,000 will have the same monthly payment of approximately $2,000 due to maintenance and heating costs for the older home.
The infographic contains information in an easy to understand visual, using bright colors. The graphic features a tall house with bite-sized facts in compartments or rooms and shares how replacing the roof and flooring, remodeling the master bath and kitchen, and upgrading the furnace of an older home is costly.