Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The basics apply on the web too.

How many times do you run a print ad for a new community and not tell them something about the product? What is it? Where is it? How much does it costs? When will it be ready? These basic questions should be answered on the website. You have a lot more space and ability to educate the consumer about your product. I can't figure out what so much is left off the website.

I am often asked to analyze why websites are not performing. In most cases, its because the website does not answer the simple questions. I have seen so many websites recently that are designed to entertain the consumer. They are not doing what they should be doing, which is generating interest, leads, traffic and sales.

Why would you have a website if it is not even going to provide as much info as the media that sent the consumer there? Imagine a print ad that says "Condos from $200,000 now pre-selling with delivery in 4th qtr 0f 2007 in the heart of Atlanta's Buckhead District" visit our website at www. communitywebsite . com ...The community website makes you hunt to figure out what is being sold, never mentions buckhead, never tells you what the costs are, has annoying music that makes everyone in your office look up when you visit the website, and does not provide a contact phone number. What are the chances the website is going to show any value in your overall marketing? You would be better off just putting the print ad on the web and supplying a good contact form. This is not the best scenario, but would probably generate better results than a website that does not answer the simple questions.

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bmacgoo said...

I embrace the internet. I have been using the internet in a sales capacity for over 4 years. And I wholeheartily agree with you about poor information on a site. There really is no excuse for it.
I have recently found another marketing tool that has enhanced my selling capability in such a simple direct way.
custom showcases websites that are dedicated to a single property for sale. It is amazing how much contact I get from prospective buyers who see the sign with the web address on it, go to the site and then contact me for a viewing. Even in this slow market my sales are doing fine. I believe Smartstreets is a large part of the reason why.