Monday, January 1, 2007

Cost of Traffic Units

How do much do you spend to get a person to walk in the door of your sales model? I know that's a loaded question. In many cases the actual number is all over the place. A lot depends on how you categorize costs. What is included in that number? Most companies will agree that print ads, magazine ads, internet advertising, radio advertising, billboards, sign placement, and tv advertising would all be part of that number. This number is usually referred to as the media budget. How about creative costs? The creation of these ads are all cost associated with running the ads. Some companies include them, some include them in another part of the budget.

What about incentives? bonuses? giveaways? Are they put in the budget with the other costs of generating traffic or is that put somewhere else in the overall budget?

How about real estate agent costs? In most parts of the country Real Estate Agent Coop is a must. The Real Estate Agents have the buyers, so therefore they need to know about your product. Are agent lunches and Realtor events included in the cost of generating traffic? Do you figure in any extra commissions and bonuses in those costs? Its all part of the cost to sell homes.

Advertising on the Internet is CHEAP compared to most other forms of advertising. Are you doing enough to get your community exposure on the Internet?

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