Thursday, January 31, 2013

ID Monitoring and Better Credit for a New You

ID Monitoring and Credit Service
Just as in your regular life, it is important in your financial life to be healthy. Your creditworthiness is an important factor to becoming more financially healthy, but many people do not realize just how important it is until inopportune money moments arise.

Luckily, the experts at the Equifax Finance Blog are here to help! In their recent article, “Five Things to Boost your Creditworthiness in 2013,” they suggest five ways to improve your creditworthiness in the span of a year.

One tip consists of regularly checking your credit report. This point is frequently mentioned on the Equifax blog because so many people wait to check their credit reports only after one or more identity theft types have already occurred.

It is essential to check your credit report regularly to keep an eye on your debt, be aware of any discrepancies, find out what your credit score is and to know if any serious collections are occurring that you should pay off without delay. Of course while this is an excellent way to know where your finances are, you can also sign up for an ID monitoring service for additional control and surveillance of your credit score and protection from identity theft.

Four other great tips for improving your credit over the year can be found in the rest of this helpful article at the Equifax Finance Blog. Check it out today to get your financial workout plan for the year, and also check them out on Facebook.

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