Friday, September 21, 2012

Build Credit Not Debt with Cards

Use card to build credit and avoid debt
With such long and often confusing agreements, it’s little wonder that countless myths about credit cards have been around since seemingly forever. Many people are still unaware of the simple steps one can take to ensure financial freedom to build credit and not fall into the trap of credit card debt. Thankfully, the Equifax Finance Blog is ready to help with a new article titled, “Seven Bad Credit Card Habits.”

From the article, you can learn some easy tips on how to manage your credit cards. Have you gotten rid of your credit cards? Be careful! Cancelling all of your credit cards can change your debt-to-credit ratio, which may negatively affect your credit score when trying to buy real estate or make other sizable purchases. When you cancel a credit card, you are ultimately taking unused and available credit off of your credit report. Instead of just canceling your credit card, make a reasonable purchase every few months and pay it off completely the next month. This practice will allow you to have healthy finances and give you good practice to not fall into any bad credit card habits.

Please check out the Equifax Finance Blog for more great information about how to avoid the pitfalls of bad credit card habits and to learn how credit cards can help you build credit.

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