Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RealtyJoin Launches Version 2.0

RealtyJoin recently announced version 2.0 of the website, which adds several upgrades and enhancements to the popular social and business networking site.

Users will now have access to individual WordPress blogs for better interaction and networking within the community. The website also allows members to upload photos and videos and post status updates. And everyone who signs up will enjoy a new enhanced profile that lets other members see who they really are.

For those unaware, RealtyJoin is a website that launched in 2010 as a social marketplace dedicated solely to the real estate industry - a place where individuals can connect, advertise and network potential opportunities.

While there may not have been excessive demand for this type of site before launch, users like Ilyce Glink see that a need did in fact exist. (Glink is an award-winning columnist and best-selling author who recently joined the RealtyJoin team to oversee content strategy)

“In just a few short months, RealtyJoin proved there is a real need for a place where real estate investors and the companies they work with can connect and share information,” said Glink.

Even though the site just went through a massive update, users should expect more changes in the coming months. While the introductory level membership remains free, users who want the most out of the site should upgrade to the premium and executive levels.

For more information on real estate networking, visit the RealtyJoin website.

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