Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Launch of New Website for Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods by mRELEVANCE

Atlanta home buyers, get ready for a sweet surprise, because the new highly interactive website for Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods is here to help you. This site is designed in all aspects to be simple and intuitive to navigate, designed by home builder marketing agency mRELEVANCE. On Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods trendy new site, you can also easily mouse-over areas of different pages to reveal additional information, or select from interactive and advanced search features as well.

For new home searches on the site, you get instant gratification with both interactive home search capabilities and real time. "The prospective buyer simply selects their search criteria and the list of matching homes adjusts and displays instantly. It works like the new Google Instant providing fresh results instantly and it refreshes when the criteria changes," says Mitch Levinson, managing partner of mRELEVANCE.

There's also no problem pinpointing communities where available homes are, with an interactive map. This map allows you to mouse-over a community on the list, which immediately becomes highlighted on the map, or in reverse if you mouse-over a community on the map, it becomes highlighted on the list.

"We are excited about our website and feel like it offers our online traffic an informative and fun place to learn about our company, communities, and home plan offerings. The mRELEVANCE team took a lot of pride in their design and execution of the site and were great to work with," says Gregg Goldenberg, President and CEO of Acadia Homes.

Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods new site also has a simple web 2.0 design, and works well and looks attractive on mobile devices such as Smartphones. The database is also built to be user-friendly, search engine friendly, and to grow as Acadia Homes does as well.

Visit the new cool interactive site for Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods at, and you can find additional information about internet marketing, social media and public relations firm mRELEVANCE, by visiting, fan them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or call 770-383-3360 or 847-259-7312.

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