Friday, July 25, 2008

Request Information Contact Forms

Website Contact Forms? Request for Information? The goal of most real estate websites is to generate a lead. How do you want that lead to come in? Ideally that person would just show up at the sales center and announce they were on your website. They could pick up the phone and tell you up front, " I am looking at the community information on your web site". Lastly they could fill out your email lead form or send you an email directly. Most builders and real estate agents would rather have one of the first two leads to happen, yet most websites assume the only way they can get a lead is the last option.

Look at your website. Are you asking them to visit you? Are you making the phone number prominent on the website along with a reason to call? The next time you look at your website, think about the consumer and the goals you want to accomplish. Decide if the web site is helping you to accomplish those goals or if something can be changed to direct the traffic on your website along a path you want them to follow.

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