Monday, May 28, 2007

You don't come up on Google?

Getting your site to show up on Google's organic search is important for your marketing efforts. In many cases, Google will find your relevant site and show it in their index for searches in time. You should be able to come up for a specific search of your site pretty quickly. For example, if your company or community name is included in your domain and the title and meta descriptions are set-up to reflect your company or community name, a search for that company or community name should return your website in the first few pages. If it is not showing, do a search for your exact domain name and see if Google even knows about it. If it doesn't, you may need some professional assistance. I have had clients tell me that their webmaster said it could take 4 to 6 weeks to get Google to index their website. Some web designers do a great job with graphics and design. Many of them are not designing sites to be search engine friendly. They are not offering services to get your site noticed and listed quickly.

It would be ideal to be on the first page of Google's organic search in the first position. Sometimes this is difficult, especially when you choose a name that has competition for the search. If you decide to name your website "Atlanta Real Estate", you are going to have problems getting that to come up on the first page of Google without a tremendous amount of time and money being spent.

Being indexed by Google and ranking high for desired keyword phrases on Google are different. For more information on getting your site noticed and listed, please contact MLC New Home Marketing for a website analysis of your website.


Mike Lyon said...


Excellent post. It is easy to pay a lot of money for instant traffic with Pay-Per-Click. The problem is when you stop paying for it, the traffic is gone. Search engine optimization is the key to driving that free traffic long after the initial investment. Keep up the great work!

Oahu real estate said...

If you're really going to be successful in real estate using the web, you need to have both an organic (free listings in Google) and pay-per-click strategy. Also, Google does control over 60% of all searches in the market, but you also want to capture that other 40%.

Another thing to note is that once your site is an authority site (trusted by Google) it will be much easier to get listed for new pages that you add. For instance, my site was originally the top Kauai real estate website in Google. When we went to the island of Hawaii, we jumped to the #4 spot for Hawaii real estate within a couple of months. Now, we just launched our Oahu real estate section, and we got to the second page of Google within just a couple of weeks.

Moral of the story, building a site that ranks well in Google will also make it easier to go after new keywords in the future.