Friday, January 26, 2007

Do you BCC?

"Do you BCC?" That kind of sounds like a song from the early 90's. The process of sending email to prospects using the BCC feature could be considered naughty in many cases.

I am kind of shocked by the number of agents that use this BCC feature of their outlook or another email program when following up with homebuying prospects. When you send a generic email to yourself and BCC a bunch of people, what you are essentially doing is saying, "Hello Mr/Mrs HomeBuyer, I am following up with you because I want to make a sale and want to touch every contact I have because my manager may be watching, but you are not important enough to me to personally send you an individual email. I have other things that are more important."

There are a lot of software programs and services available to handle mass emails. Many of them provide tracking statistics of opens and clicks. If you are looking for tips or training on how to be a better e-sales agent, ask your manager or the person that handles your marketing for some assistance.

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