Saturday, December 16, 2006

Does your website generate leads?

This post is targeted toward the new home sales agent.

Are you getting leads from your company or new home community website? Before you answer that question, let me ask you the following questions. What is defined as a website lead? Do you ask everyone that comes in the door of the sales model if they have been to your website? If you get a phone call, do you ask that person if they have visited your website? If you are not getting any leads; walk-ins, phone calls, or email leads, your website may be the problem.

My first action would be to test the contact form on your website and make sure it works. I have seen a lot of forms that do not work or have the wrong email address plugged in for the contact. Sometimes the email service provider is actually blocking the leads. Next, make sure your phone number, address and driving directions are easily found on the website. See if the website is getting any Internet traffic. You may have to ask your manager or marketing director to get you this information. If the site is getting traffic, some website modification may increase lead generation. If the site is not getting any traffic, its time to review the Internet Marketing Plan.

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